Gauteng Futsal

Our focus in Gauteng will be to direct our energy into Futsal, from youth development to all ages playing in leagues, with our ultimate objective of not only growing the sport of Futsal, but also to get as many players representing their provinces as well as South Africa at the various world cups and international tournaments in their age categories.

How will we do this?

Our accredited coaches and officials will ensure we approach youth development with the sole purpose of improving the standard of the individual youth players in South Africa by educating them in life skills, technique, mental, tactical as well as physical attributes.

Gauteng Futsal has been formed with the intention to provide an Elite training experience for youth Futsal players at an affordable cost. We operate as an association within the South African Futsal Federation to provide a wide range of opportunities for our players.

At our facilities we’ll provide a safe, physical and fun environment for Futsal; to allow our youth players freedom to develop their long-term athletic skills needed as a foundation to be a great great Futsal player.

Our goals for developing Futsal players is to help them understand their individual skills and strengths, as well as to develop and continually improve in areas such as cooperation, teamwork, discipline, decision making, and most importantly, leadership; whilst instilling a positive experience for each player.

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