Gauteng Futsal Franchise Model

Why Join Gauteng Futsal?

Gauteng Futsal has been formed with the intention to provide an opportunity for business owners that want to get involved in Futsal by owning their own franchise within Gauteng.

Owning a franchise within Gauteng Futsal provides you with a coaching business that has an unrivalled level of support for franchise owners in a nationally and globally respected organisation.

We equip our Franchisees to be successful by providing them with a proven business system. We constantly develop our business and coaching model to ensure our growth as well as the growth of our Franchisees within the sport of Futsal.

Futsal in Gauteng is sanctioned by the AMF in South Africa, thereby allowing us to by empower our franchise holders of Gauteng Futsal to offer the best program in South Africa and in your communities. 

It is the commitment and professionalism we offer to each of our franchise families that makes our business the unique franchise opportunity for Futsal.

Benefits of Gauteng Futsal Franchise

    1. Recession resistant franchise model.
    2. Recognised and respected international brand.
    3. A proven, secure and profitable business concept.
    4. South Africa’s largest Futsal community.
    5. Directly imported and exclusive Futsal brands.
    6. Support and service available at all times.
    7. Strong operational and coaching support team.

More than just a Franchise

The content, format and business model of Futsal has been developed by local and international professionals in order to accommodate the Futsal market, and ensure that while we make business decisions, we deliver key learning objectives and also social and interpersonal skills.

We offer:

    1. Comprehensive training and support.
    2. Flexible hours.
    3. A rewarding and fulfilling work opportunity.

Coaching : 

    1. The ‘Head Coach’ or ‘Director of Coaching’ must be a Futsal qualified coach, as well as all other coaches within the organisation. An introductory course will be provided with the initial sign up of franchisee. Thereafter; constant courses though the South African Futsal Federation and Gauteng Futsal will be provided. 

Business : 

    1. Gauteng Futsal will provide all potential franchisees with a business plan template which will help you with every opportunity that arises.


We’re all about the Futsal; from youth development to league structures and getting involved with Primary and High schools….sport in this country always works. With dedicated, professional coaches and a support staff at Gauteng Futsal, its a winning combination!

We have set ourselves a strict criteria; this means as a franchisee, you are protected by the standards of our brand. Your investment with us is taken seriously, this means your investment will always remain an investment. 

Location is Key!

Selecting a prime location for your franchise is key, this is where all your success starts. There are many ways to setup a Futsal facility from utilising a school, community centre or building your own. Having and owning your own prime piece of land is ideal but is not the end of your journey if you don’t have your own land. Many existing facilities are very open to sub-leases on their property.


Once you’ve decided to sign up; there’s nothing we care about more than ensuring we offer on-going marketing strategies to ensure your continued success.

We are devoted to #hashtag marketing through various channels. This is our social media brain behind our marketing and campaigns. We care about your success. Correct marketing strategies and analytics are in place for you to benefit immediately. This is a key element we use to ensure your success.


How will we do this?

A consistent and reliable source of income is the key to making our franchises sustainable. This can be achieved through having more than 1 source of income, such as:

    1. A sustainable youth coaching model.
    2. A professional league model.
    3. Holiday coaching programs.
    4. School Coaching programs.

Thereby reducing dependency on any one source and preventing a crisis if one is not as strong as the other. 

The more income a franchise can generate, the more successful it will be in a sporting context as it will have more resources to invest in this area. Therefore the organisational aim will be defined as maximising income through multiple sources in order to support the sporting and business objectives.


Having a youth program is a fundamental objective for our franchisee. Subscription fees can cover the cost of the majority of the revenue income.

The game of Futsal will help the payers develop better skills and help them make faster decisions with the ball. Our Futsal Development program has highly experienced and qualified staff to teach the game at the highest level.

Training : 

  • Training sessions take place during the week in the afternoons or early evenings, older age groups can train from 6pm to 7pm.
  • Typically, the more fields or space you have, the more players that can be coached.
  • Sessions are generally an hour for younger age groups. Generally 6pm to 7pm.
  • Elite Training is generally 1 and a 1/2 hours.
  • Children are able to train more than twice a week; recommended training is twice a week.
  • Recommended sessions usually have not more than 16 kids to 1 coach. So spreading the training out over various fields and over various days is essential.

Pricing :

  • Training sessions are R650 per month for 2 sessions a week.
  • 3 or more Training Sessions per week are R850 per month.
  • 1 on 1 Sessions are R150 per hour. This is charged over and above the regular pricing above.
  • School pricing is R150 per student per month. Primary or High School.
  • Holiday Camps are generally R650 for 4 days.

Join us!

For any further information relating to owning a franchise, please get in touch. We’d be very happy to meet with you.

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