Gauteng Futsal Leagues

The Gauteng Futsal Association Leagues represent the elite Futsal leagues in Gauteng.

The top Futsal teams in the province will compete in the challenging and exciting National Futsal Tournament which will showcase the best Futsal talent from South Africa. From here we will be able to select players for their provinces through their local competitive leagues, and ultimately selections for South Africa. It all starts with the leagues in your area.

The Gauteng Futsal Leagues will be divided into regional areas: the North, South and East, for example. Each regional league has teams from various age groups that play against each other throughout the season until the leagues reach a conclusion. Throughout these leagues, players will be approached for selections and trials for their Provincial team.

The top players from each region then progress into an exciting format in The Provincial Futsal Tournament which takes place every year. The Provincial Futsal Tournament not only decides which province will be crowned the South African Futsal champions, but also which players will qualify for the ultimate accolade of representing South Africa in the various worldwide tournaments or Futsal events.

The top Futsal players in the country play in their local Futsal Leagues, and this is where The South African Futsal Federation selects players for the South African national squads.

Applications are now open. New teams are required to complete a registration form and return it to The Gauteng Futsal Association via the web, social media or email, or the region where you are registering. The registration form will be available on this website and other channels.

Gauteng Futsal Association will review all registrations, and you will be invited to be attend a ‘free game’ to discuss your requirements. Those teams will then be put forward to entering the Gauteng Futsal League.

Teams considering registration to join The Gauteng Futsal Leagues should note that they need not have experience of playing Futsal to a high standard. Playing in The Gauteng Futsal Leagues requires serious commitment from both the team and the players.

Teams considering joining the Gauteng Futsal Leagues should note that they need not have experience of playing Futsal to a high standard. 


E-mail us for an application form to join our Futsal Leagues -

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Premier Futsal League (PFL)

TAB and Betting World customers are in for a life-changing experience from next week when a brand-new and exciting soccer-betting bonanza will be launched countrywide.

For the first time TAB will operate soccer pools on Futsal matches, an exciting and high- speed variation of traditional soccer.

All matches included initially will be from the Premier Futsal League, which currently comprises eight teams. The Premier Futsal League is an associate member of the South African Futsal Federation (SAFF).

There are seven players in a squad in Futsal matches and only five, including the goalkeeper, are allowed on the pitch at any one time. Each game comprises two 20-minute halves for total playing time of 40 minutes.

From this Monday 4 February, there will be eight Premier Futsal League matches daily Monday through Friday. The first match will kick off at 9.30am daily with the last at 2.45pm. TAB will operate a Soccer 6 pool daily on the last six matches (Match 3 to Match 8) and there will be two Soccer 4 pools – the first on matches one to four and the second on matches five to eight.

Unlike virtually all TAB soccer pools on mainstream soccer, TAB soccer customers can take a bet in the morning and collect their winnings a few hours later, instead of having to wait until the following day.

TAB also intends to offer live TV coverage of all Premier Futsal League matches in all outlets. This will add a new dimension to betting on soccer with TAB because customers can take their bets and then watch all matches live in store.